Monday, August 31, 2015

Like a Dream

The title speaks for itself! I feel so lucky to be here and experiencing not only public health first hand, but a whole other area of the world. This past week, I think, is best described in pictures and videos (with captions, of course!). I am baffled that I have already been here for three weeks and am soaking up every minute. Enjoy!
At the Community Health Center (CHC) in Brahmavar, India. The CHC is a government building that provides free healthcare services to anyone living in the area. It was awesome to see the center first-hand.
The whole cohort in front of the Manipal University sign, all donned with kurtas!
Celebrating Onam on 28th August! I have included details on what Onam celebrates with a link on the right side of the page, but it is a holiday that takes place as a one-day-a-year "homecoming" for King Mahabali and celebrates Vishnu.
Typical decoration for Onam; this decorum set outside of where we ate a traditional meal served on Onam!
The meal we ate, served on a banana leaf. The rice was delicious!
Traditional clothes for men on Onam! Tom even got a sash from one of the guys...
View from the back of a rickshaw! Going to Udupi after celebrating Raksha Bandhan, a holiday honoring the bond between a brother and sister.
We got ice cream from a great local place, Natural. I tried the pista, or pistachio flavor, and it was delicious. I will be taking more trips there...
"What's up India?" ft. Ashlin and I.
Cute group photo after a HUGE meal for Onam.
After hours of football (soccer) at Malpe Beach...thanks to all the MPH students who invited us :)
Stunning sunset over Malpe Beach.
Gorgeous view from the Hanging Bridge about 45 minutes away from Manipal University.
The Hanging Bridge itself!
The Manipal Delta, in which we took wooden canoes for $1.50 USD around the area.
Ashlin and Tanzy on Hanging Bridge! #adorable
Our canoe!
Video of Malpe Delta!
The beach near Hanging Bridge...the ocean always awes me.
Dinner in Udupi with our fabulous friend, Sakethna, who helped us reach Hanging Bridge and hung out with us all day!
Canoe selfie! P.S.- I started taking a Hindi class (I am auditing it), and although the language is very tough, it is really fun to learn! (More on that next time...) Love, Kara


  1. So good to see the photos and description of places I grew up around ! Seeing them through your words and perspective has brought a big smile to my face :) Wish you a safe, fun-filled and fruitful stay.

    1. Ashwini, I am flattered you took the time to visit my blog! I am glad that my pictures have brought a smile to your face, and I hope to do your beautiful home justice :)